Close Encounters, Rui’s new album, just received the Supersonic Award:

“Rui Lopes also shows himself to be the eloquent and sure performer on his instrument, articulating with ease and elegant tone his voice with deep timbre and warmth with elegance with which he is not stingy. At the same time, he maintains a stirring naturalness of expression.”
You can’t get enough of such unheard stuff.


Rui Lopes’ new album, ‘Close Encounters’, is available now via his webshop. Order it here!

“This album is the fulfilment of a dream and the result of over five years of planning, developing and preparing a unique collaborative project between composers, arrangers and musicians.

6 pieces, 6 composers, 4 premieres.

What inspired me to record this album was the fascinating way the sound of the bassoon blends with the string quartet. My choice of repertoire was based on pure pleasure – I chose works that I love to play, some original, others arranged, and asked composers I admire so much to write for this combination. In two of the works I added the double bass, which enriches them very much and helps immensely to encounter different sound worlds. To create this with musicians of this calibre was simply wonderful. Their interest, curiosity and flexibility together with the skill, calm and experience of our sound engineer, Andreas Werner, and the fact that we were able to record in the legendary Radiostudio in Zurich, makes me feel so privileged. I couldn’t be happier with the result which I hope you too will enjoy!”